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logo for qwiz quizbowl camp for quiz bowl players.

We're passionate about helping quizbowlers learn and improve.  That passion is the driving force behind everything we do - not only our summer camps and customized coaching workshops but in the free resources that we provide every day.





Each month we send out free study materials exclusively to our email subscribers.  In addition, our email subscribers receive a monthly quizbowl newsletter, exclusive discounts, and a few more cool surprises.  Best of all, when you subscribe, we'll send you a free gift - instant access to a study guide that you can't get anywhere else!


Each week during the school year we publish a Qwiz5 Study Guide.  In each Qwiz5, we take a common quizbowl answer line and research the five most frequent clues that appear in tossups about that answer.  We then explain those clues, providing context and suggestions for further exploration.  What results is a roadmap to powering the tossup and - more importantly - a deeper understanding of the information.



Each day during the school year we post quizbowl facts to our Instagram and Twitter accounts.  In addition, we periodically make announcements, hold contests and post other cool study resources.  Follow along!

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