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LIVE Quizbowl Courses via Zoom

Become a Great Player - One Subject at a Time!

Do You Want to Dominate on the Buzzer?


It’s frustrating.  You’re tired of getting beat to tossups by players who just seem to have deeper knowledge.  You’re sick of losing questions in the same category over and over.  You want to get better, but how? 

Sure, you know you should study, but there is SO MUCH information out there to learn – it’s overwhelming!  

That is why we created Qwiz Academy. 

Qwiz Academy are LIVE four week courses designed with one goal in mind - to make you dominant on the buzzer in a particular category.

Are you ready to turn a category of weakness into a category of strength?

Every Qwiz Academy course is taught LIVE by a quizbowl expert.  Our instructors are highly experienced - most have written for national tournaments, coached championship teams, or both.


Each Qwiz Academy course meets once a week for four weeks.


Each weekly lesson is a mix of direct instruction and “on-buzzer” teaching – each carefully designed to teach you to dominate that category in competition.


Upon completion of the Qwiz Academy course, participants receive an exclusive study pack including study guides, Quizlet decks, and curated packets of tossups.

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Dominate a Category in Four Weeks

Qwiz Academy February Session

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Introduction to American Literature

This course is designed for players who want to start learning the quizbowl canon for American Literature.  It covers a wide range of material, from fiction to poetry and drama, providing a great foundation for studying this major subject area.

(Kate Wilson, Instructor)

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Art: Renaissance to Neoclassicism

Take a closer look at the major artists who make up the period from 1350-1800.  Covers Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical eras, with plenty of key clues and major works to help you get the early buzz!

(Bill Newsome, Instructor)

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Essentials of

Join us for an overview of the world of biology from a quizbowl perspective.  Ideal for players who have not had extensive exposure to the topic, this course covers the core material needed for a science player to get going on Biology study.  

(Mike Laudermith, Instructor)

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