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We get tons of questions about Qwiz Camp from players, parents and coaches.  In our video series, Ask Qwiz! , we answer some of the most asked questions we get about Qwiz Camp.  Do you have questions about Qwiz Camp?  Reach out!  You can contact us HERE, email us at, or schedule a call with our camp director HERE

  • What's the camp schedule?
    You can check on the camp schedule HERE.
  • What's included in my camp registration?
    Your camp registration includes on-campus housing in addition to all meals, classes, competitions and activities. If you're local, or prefer to stay off-campus, we also have day camp options as well. For more detailed information about what comes with your registration, check out The Options page or contact us.
  • What level player do you recommend Qwiz Camp for?
    We designed Qwiz Camp to help all quizbowlers improve - regardless of whether they are just starting out or are elite level players. Our activities are structured so that students are working with and competing against others at their knowledge level. Students with a deep knowledge base are challenged to learn more while students who are new to quizbowl learn the basics. No matter where you start, you will be a better player by the end of Qwiz Camp.
  • Is there a minimum age to attend Qwiz Camp?
    No. We recommend camp for students entering grades 6-12, but there is no mimimum age or experience level for participation. All students are different, and we leave it up to the parents to decide if Qwiz Camp is right for their child. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your child should attend Qwiz Camp, please contact us and we will be happy to talk this over with you. Students who have graduated high school or who have already had their 18th birthday are ineligible to attend camp.
  • Do I need to attend with my team?
    Attending Qwiz Camp as a team is a great bonding experience. It's a great way to set team goals and build momentum going into the school year. That said, it's not a requirement that you attend as a team, and you won't be working as a team unit. Most activities are individual, and when we have team competitions, they are on teams that we put together based on knowledge levels - not what school you attend. Whether you are coming alone or with ten students from your school, you're going to have a great experience, and you'll grow significantly as a quizbowl player.
  • Can I choose my roommate?
    Absolutely! After you register, you'll receive a Housing Information Form via email. On that form, you'll be able to request a roommate. In virtually all cases, we're able to honor roommate requests. Don't have a roommate preference? No problem - we'll assign one for you. We assign roommates based on sex and age, so you'll be with someone of a similar age.
  • I have food allergies and/or specific dietary needs. Can you accommodate?
    Definitely! After you register, you'll complete a Health Information Form that will give you an opportunity to detail your specific dietary needs. We'll then share that information with campus dining to make sure that your needs are met.
  • Who are the camp staff?
    Qwiz Camp staff are adults who have played and coached quizbowl at an elite level. They are people who love quizbowl and have a passion for sharing it with young people. Qwiz staffers go through a rigorous screening and thorough training process - they are truly the best of the best. Read more about The Qwiz Team HERE. For more information about our staffing process (or to apply!) click HERE.
  • What's your payment policy?
    There is no payment required prior to the registration deadline of May 15. Space is limited. Any registrations not paid in full after May 15 are not guaranteed a spot at camp. Registrations after May 15 are subject to availability. Registration payments are fully refundable until May 15. No refunds will be issued after May 15.
  • Do I need to study anything for camp?
    No! You don't need to study anything particular in preparation for camp. If you want to learn something that will help you be a better quizbowl player, whether or not you're coming to camp, check out our Qwiz5 series. In each installment, we take a a common quizbowl answer and breakdown five clues that will help you answer that tossup.

Have a question not answered here? Need more information?  Contact Us!

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