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Qwiz is proud to be the official sponsor of the 2020-2021 Qblitz Challenge tournament series!

To celebrate, we're giving away
 free entries for an upcoming Challenge tournament!  Want your team to play Qblitz for free?  Enter below!

Qblitz is an online quizbowl platform that allows you to play from anywhere against anyone.  Qblitz asks you questions and records your buzzes, allowing you to have virtual head-to-head matches with hundreds of teams.  


Qwiz is all about getting better at quizbowl, and we think that Qblitz is a great way to do that.  When each competition is over, you not only get copies of every question, but you get detailed analytics reports that show you how your buzzes compare to every other player.  See exactly where in each question you buzzed compared to every other player and use that information to get better!

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