How is                      responding to COVID?

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At Qwiz, our top priority has always been the health and safety of our campers and staff.  In the midst of a pandemic, this is more important than ever.  Consequently, we have made the following adjustments in response to COVID:

* We have shifted all in-person camps to July 2021 and added a virtual eCamp session in June 2021 for those who prefer to participate in Qwiz Camp from home.

* We are tentatively planning a second session of virtual eCamp for July 2021 so we are prepared in the event that we need to cancel our in-person camps. 

We have set May 1, 2021, as an internal deadline to decide if we will be moving forward with our in-person camps in July or if we will be adding a second session of virtual eCamp. 

* We have moved our registration deadline/refund date to May 15, 2021. 
All registrations are 100% refundable through May 15, 2021.

* We are working closely with our campus partners to develop policies to ensure a safe and healthy in-person camp experience.  Policy specifics will differ slightly from campus to campus but will include procedures for sanitation and social distancing as well as modifications to existing housing and dining procedures.


* We will continue to update this page ( throughout the spring. 

Questions?  Please don't hesitate to contact us.