Class Descriptions

Washington College
(Chestertown, MD)

20th-Century American Poetry

This class gives players a solid foundation of the works of the most-quizzed American poets and the movements in which they worked.


American Government

This class covers legislation passed by Congress, amendments to the Constitution, and significant historical figures that have played a role in American government.



This class covers quizbowl-relevant architects and structures from the 1400s to today.


Art Movements

This class covers prominent art movements including impressionism, surrealism, futurism, and more.



This class covers a wide range of topics such as biochemistry, cell structures & cell division, genetics, taxonomy and more.



This class focuses on the scientists, experiments, and big ideas of chemistry that appear most frequently in quizbowl.


Coaches' Panel Discussion

This class is a panel discussion of topics relevant to leading a quizbowl team, including practice strategies, player recruitment, and fundraising.

Earth Science

This class looks at earth science from five distinct perspectives - Earth (tectonics, earthquakes, minerals); Air (meteorology, climatology); Water (oceanography, glaciers); Fire (volcanoes); Heart (paleontology, US National Parks).

European Monarchs

This class covers major European monarchs with a focus on British and French monarchs.


Human Anatomy

This class focuses on the cells, tissues, and organ systems of the human body along with the diseases that affect them.



This class covers quizbowl-relevant jazz musicians and their works.

Latin American Writers

This class looks at major Latin American authors and their works.



This class covers quizbowl-relevant operas, focusing on works by Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, and Mozart.

Pulitzer Prize Winning Novels

This class looks at quizbowl-relevant novels that have won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.


Question Writing 101

This class teaches the basics of question writing, giving students a starting point to become a better player through writing.



This class examines Shakespeare's works, with discussion of the plots and characters of his major plays.


World Leaders

This class covers major world leaders throughout history, with a focus on leaders of South American, African, and Asian countries.

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