What is                    Camp?


Our instructors are not just experts in the subjects they teach --they are experts in quizbowl. They know how questions are structured.  In a Qwiz Class, you'll learn not just what information is asked, but how it's asked.  

Whether you're a new player working to build a base of knowledge or a veteran player looking to go from good to great, Qwiz Classes will help you
answer more questions faster.

At Qwiz, you'll get to set your own course of study.  Want to focus just on history classes?  No problem.  Want to sample a variety of subjects?  You've got it.  With so many classes offered, your experience is completely customizable.


At Qwiz, you'll have plenty of time at the buzzer, playing against other campers that are of similar ability to you. This time, though, will be much more than simply ringing in and answering questions.

During practice sessions, our experienced staff will use the questions to teach about topics that come up, so you can learn while playing.  We help you sharpen your play with coaching now, so you'll be prepared for the critical moments in matches that count.


We're proud to say that NAQT is the exclusive provider of practice questions for Qwiz Camp.


At Qwiz, you'll have the opportunity to play in multiple tournaments throughout the course of camp.  These tournaments are played on question sets written exclusively for Qwiz.

Most tournaments are team-based, simulating the tournaments that you compete in throughout the year.  However, on the last day of each session, you'll compete head-to-head against other campers for individual glory.  Can you rise above the rest and earn Qwiz Star status?


Qwiz is an intense experience, but we recognize it should also be an enjoyable one.  One of the best parts of camp is the opportunity to meet and connect with others who share your passion for the game.  Qwiz activities include evening events that are more laid back and down time where you and you new friends can hang out, play games and relax.  You'll build your skills at Qwiz, but you'll also build friendships that can last a lifetime! 

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