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Customize your eCamp experience by choosing six classes from dozens of options.  All classes are taught live by qualified instructors who are experts both in the subject material AND in quizbowl.


In addition to the material covered, you’ll also get extensive bonus material and instruction in how to build your knowledge base to help you keep learning long after camp is over!


There’s a lot more to a productive practice than just reading questions.  In eCamp live practice sessions, you'll not only answer questions, but you'll learn how to analyze questions to build your knowledge base.  

All eCamp practices are led by experienced moderators who know quizbowl and will teach you how to use practice questions to improve as a player.


Each day of eCamp ends with live tournament matches played on pristine questions written exclusively for Qwiz.   Test your knowledge in live game action against other Qwizzers on a set of questions you can't hear anywhere else!


Guest Speakers.  Interact with elite coaches, players, and other leaders in the quizbowl community as they talk about quizbowl from a variety of perspectives.

Special Sessions.  Learn how you can be more involved in the game through special sessions on question writing, tournament hosting, community-building, and other topics.

Qwiz Swag!  eCamp participants will get a selection from our world-famous Warehouse O’ Swag™!


  • Choose from two, two-week sessions: June 15-26 and July 13-24

  • eCamp meets three days per week: 11am-5pm (ET) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • eCamp events are held on secure two-way video conference

  • eCamp daily schedule can be found HERE.

  • eCamp space is limited, and spots will only be guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

  • eCamp costs $499 per session.

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